Child Sponsorship

Making a Difference – Hope Starts Here for each child

The first step from poverty to freedom in India is having a quality education. In this rapidly developing nation, educated young people have better job opportunities, more information about healthy living and greater quality of life than those who do not go to school. Children in rural areas are especially limited in their access to education. Hope Beyond Today exists to empower these children and their families to live full and healthy lives – and your support makes it possible!

Our child sponsorship program is called Hope Starts Here. You can sign up to sponsor a child, and be the start of hope in their life!

Sponsorship Provides:

  • Access to a quality education
  • School books and supplies
  • Participation in the supplemental feeding program at school
  • Healthcare when necessary
  • Support and encouragement for the child and his or her family!

Getting Started as a Sponsor:

  • Sign up to sponsor a child at Hope Starts Here
  • Hope Beyond Today will send a picture and informational portfolio to you about your sponsored child
  • You will receive an annual update about the child’s progress in school, family life and other information
  • You will also receive a few letters and notes throughout the year from the child you sponsor

Your encouragement makes a difference!

  • Hand-write a letter to your sponsored child a few times a year
  • Send a family photo or a pictures of your daily life
  • Write an email – we’ll make sure your message is delivered!
  • Mail a package – your sponsored child will love small toys, candies (none that melt), school supplies, hygiene items or other gifts you send

Package Suggestions and Guidelines:

    • Toys – bouncy balls, small cars, small stuffed animals
    • School supplies – crayons, coloring pages, pens, notebooks
    • Hygiene items – wash cloth, bar soap, comb, toothbrush and toothpaste, bandana or hankie
    • For fun – hard candy, gum, hair clips, stickers
    • From you – letter, picture(s) of your daily life, encouragement to do well in school
    • Do not include: used items, anything beyond its expiration date, liquids, knives or sharp objects, medications, items that will likely break after a few uses, scary items, guns or war-related items

Physical letters and packages can be mailed to:

Pushpyar Lakra
At Salem Nagar
Ranchi, Jharkhand INDIA 834009

Would you, your family, your small group, or perhaps your church pray about sponsoring a child?

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