Video of HBT in action

New year – new blankets 2017

Thanks to a generous family over 60 of our students at the B school were able to go home with brand, new, wool blankets this winter.

Hope’s Story

Want to know how sponsorship changes lives? Read Hope’s story… Hope* grew up in a rural village in the jungles of Jharkhand.  Her family was a tribal family who followed the religion of their ancestors – animism.  In 2007, when our sponsorship program began Hope was one of the first children to sign up.  She […]

Benches, Desks and Plates ~ Fall 2016

Benches, Desks and Plates While Pushpyar was in India we were also able to order 17 more sets of desks & benches for our students at the J school. Thank you to all who helped with this project! We were so encouraged by all who gave so quickly to help get out students off the […]

Foundations for the Future, Phase 1

Foundations for the Future Our wall is going up!  We are so very excited to share these pictures with you of the boundary wall that has begun being built!  While Pushpyar was on site in October {2016} he was able to complete the first 40 feet of the wall.  There were two work days that […]

Sponsorship changes lives!

Together we are making a difference! It’s a great time to sponsor a child! $25 a month helps your sponsored child with school fees, school books, uniforms, special projects & the school feeding program.  You can sign up online by clicking on the “join us” tab.  

Sept/October 2016

Pushpyar will be encouraging & equipping teachers, workers, headmasters & headmistresses, fellow leaders & bel*evers.  He will be continuing work with our feeding program partners to make sure all paperwork in filed correctly and up to date.  Pushpyar will be working at all 3 of our schools to make sure that the leadership is continuing […]

HopePacks ~ Spring 2016

We gave out 400 HopePacks, along with instructing the children in some basic health & hygiene habits.  The children loved the soft, brightly colored washcloths so much.  It was so cute. We also were able to provide each child with 2 books in their own language about Cr*ation and G*d’s love for them each. The […]

An unexpected opportunity ~ Spring 2016

Our youngest, Isaac, is very outgoing, however he was not eager to go to many nationals in India. {Much to the disappointment of his grandparents! His Dadu & Dadi, however, soon learned his love language of food and they became fast friends.}  Because he is the youngest everyone wanted to hold him, pinch his cheeks, […]

In the battle, we are not alone ~ Spring 2016

Even in the midst of a battle, H* is there! We had a divine appointment that only the L*rd could work out in Delhi on our way back to the USA.  In the middle of all this, one of our children was struggling very much with the emotions of leaving the place we love, lack […]