Foundations for the Future

Our wall is going up!  We are so very excited to share these pictures with you of the boundary wall that has begun being built!  While Pushpyar was on site in October {2016} he was able to complete the first 40 feet of the wall.  There were two work days that he set up and over 20 local bel*evers came and helped the mason and other laborers that were hired.  We have begun work on the  next section of the wall but we need your help to keep going!

Every foot of wall that is built costs $25. Can you help us with this critical project?

This is the first major step towards permanent buildings and facilities at the J school.

You can help make our kids Safe & Strong!  If you, your family, your church or small group sponsor a 10 foot section of the wall then YOU get to pick a scr*pture that will be painted on that section of the wall.  Let’s help surround these precious kids with the Truth!

wall2016a wall2016b wall2016c wall2016d