Want to know how sponsorship changes lives?

Read Hope’s story…

Hope* grew up in a rural village in the jungles of Jharkhand.  Her family was a tribal family who followed the religion of their ancestors – animism.  In 2007, when our sponsorship program began Hope was one of the first children to sign up.  She was blessed with a sponsor right away.

Hope’s sponsor spent the next several years supporting her monthly, pr*ying for her, sending her cards and small gifts.  Hope was able to participate in every outreach project we held because her sponsor was active in their role.  Hope attended a Chr*stian school, but she herself was not a bel*ever.

In the fall of 2015, Hope’s mother died unexpectedly.  Soon after her death Hope and her father began seeing and hearing strange things around their house.  They were soon tormented by evil spirits.  Hope’s father asked Hope to go to ch*rch to ask bel*evers there to pr*y them to be freed from those tormenting spirits.  So Hope went to ch*rch and was immediately surrounded by the love & care of local bel*evers.  Soon she began to experience the LOVE that was setting her free.  Then her father began to join her at ch*rch.  The tormenting spirits left their home.  While Pushpyar was in India in October he was able to see both Hope and her father and encourage them in their walk in true Freedom.  And just last month we heard that Hope’s father took another step of commitment and is now following the Way wholeheartedly.

This is just one example of the IMPACT of sponsorship.  All the seeds of Love that had been sown into Hope’s life, made a difference when she and her father needed it most.  Thank YOU for considering sponsoring a child.  What a great way to make a difference all through the year! 

*name changed