Our Spring trip to India was incredible!

G*d was so gracious to us at every turn.  He walked with us through every single up and down.  Our flights were all on time and uneventful {for the most part} – and for the 7 of us that was amazing!  We ministered at five different villages encouraging other bel*evers, friends and family members.  Kimberly’s mom joined us for the last 3 weeks of the trip, and it was an honor to serve alongside her again. Pushpyar and I feel very strongly about involving our children in the ministry as active partners not just observers.  So at every meeting we had them share a t*stimony of something that G*d had done in their lives.  We were equally blown away and blessed by what they each shared and how timely it was for individuals in each setting.  Many times speaking into situations that they had no idea about but G*d certainly did. We had many rich experiences with our family in Ranchi and the Lord knit our hearts together even more so than before.  It had been over 3 years since we had been with any of Pushpyar’s family so it was a delightful & special blessing to be able to spend time with them.

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