Even in the midst of a battle, H* is there!

We had a divine appointment that only the L*rd could work out in Delhi on our way back to the USA.  In the middle of all this, one of our children was struggling very much with the emotions of leaving the place we love, lack of sleep, extreme heat & nervousness about the long flights.  Even in the very midst of this very real battle, the L*rd used them.  We met with an unbelieving family, chatted a bit and then I took the children upstairs, while the adults stayed in the dining hall talking.  Our child who had been only concentrating on their struggles and fears, suddenly looked up and said “Mom I think G*d just told me to give {Auntie} my B*ble.”  So we packed it up and down they went to give their B*ble away.  And because a child gave this gift it was much more readily received than if Pushpyar or I had done so.  G*d uses us even in the midst of our battles!